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How to Draw Love Potion – Doodle Tutorial with Bella

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How to Draw Love Potion

Today’s doodle prompt is Love Potion, so I am teaching you how to draw different kinds of potion bottles. It is super easy to learn. Pin the above tutorial picture for reference. When I think of love potion I instantly think of Harry Potter. Does anyone remember this?



I’m a bit of a Potterhead. Anyway! Don’t forget about the new sticker giveaway….

New Giveaway

I am starting a new giveaway to thank all of you who have participated in the doodle challenge and have shared your doodles. Every week, I will choose one doodle randomly, from our facebook group or instagram and feature it in one of the doodle videos. The featured doodler will win their choice of 2 full size and 2 mini sticker sheets from my shop! Be sure to watch the tutorial videos to see if you won! If you share your doodle on instagram with the hashtag #TMCDOODLES and in our facebook group, you have more chances to win. How fun!

Yesterday’s Tutorial – Cute Bee

Yesterday’s doodle tutorial was probably one of my favorites. I really loved coming up with that cute bumblebee and I loved teaching how to draw it even more! Wasn’t it easy to doodle? I hope I’m doing a good job in teaching these doodles. You all do seem to really enjoy them. Seeing your doodles in our facebook group and on instagram are the best part of my day!

Video Tutorial – Check out our Love Potions

In today’s video, I will teach you a very easy way to draw different shaped Love Potions. Because drawing Love Potion is so easy, I show you different variations of them towards the end of the video.

Watch the tutorial on How to draw Love Potion here:


Don’t forget, you can save or pin the picture of this month’s doodle prompts over here.

I’m looking forward to seeing your doodle! Keep sharing your doodles with me. I LOVE seeing your pictures and your doodle may be the giveaway winner! You can share your doodle over at our facebook group or use the hashtag #TMCDOODLES on instagram and tag me!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to learn how to draw Two Peas in a Pod!


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